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Each Case Is Different

each case is different

AMAZON SELLER FREE CONSULTING and Business plans for a successful amazon third party sellers. Is your Amazon account suspended? If yes, we can help! You are loosing valuable income while your account is suspended. We understand that your account needs special attention. We will provide you with the dedicated support you require.

Your employees and family depend on this account for their livelihood. We understand that an Amazon account is usually the sole source of income for a seller. You need the expertise of a professional to get the right appeal for your account.

We understand that you have bills to pay, and we want to get your account back. We specialize in dealing with sellers in difficult situations. We have helped many sellers who have received the “final decision”. You have a lot at stake; let us help you get your Amazon account back fast!


Act Now!

act now

THERE’S NO TIME TO LOSE! We’ve helped hundreds of sellers with account reinstatement. We understand the sheer urgency of the situation, and we will do our best to get you reinstated.

Income is lost on a daily basis while your account is suspended. Your employees and bills can’t wait! We know the best methods for each type of situation. We have the insight to provide you with the best plan of action so you can submit your appeal quickly and efficiently. Each day that passes is another day that your business is not operating.

Once we see your case details, we will get you a quote within 30 minutes. Don’t waste another minute losing precious income! Contact us today so we can take a look at your case, and begin the process to get your account back. Post your reinstatement we will help you with creating a business plan. AMAZON SELLER ADVOCACY FREE CONSULTING & BUSINESS PLANS.

Our Experience


Making a business plan is very important. We have over 11 years of experience dealing with all types of cases and situations. Amazon culture is very intricate, and we understand how they work. Through many years of building knowledge and understanding, we are experts on what Amazon wants.

We are not simply “writers” like our competitors; a well written letter is not going to get your account reinstated. ONLY the knowledge of Amazon operations will ultimately result in your reinstatement. We create the correct business plan that allows you to function successfully within Amazon TOS.

We will connect you with Amazon management so they can review your appeal if Seller Performance has rejected your plan.

We have helped HUNDREDS of sellers get their accounts back! We use our extensive knowledge and experience to assist sellers with the reinstatement process.

Industry Highest Success Rate

success rate

MANY sellers come to us after they have submitted plan of action from competitors that resulted in a “final decision” from Seller Performance. Once a “final decision” is received, it is a lot harder to reinstate your account.

We specialize in “final decision” suspensions! We are not “writers”, we know what type of business plan is most effective for EVERY type of suspension. We use our extensive knowledge of Amazon to provide a specialized and effective plan for every case. We do not have to guess what Amazon wants; we know from our many years of experience.

Amazon looks for a very distinctive format with each appeal, and each situation is different. Your appeal will be catered to your case.
We have the insight that you need to get your account reinstated.

Other Services

Besides a FREE Initial Consultation and analysis of your account we offer the highest quality Amazon listing optimization service for clients.
Your Personal Care Specialist who will follow up with you regularly. We will provide you with advice on how to operate your business once you are reinstated in order to maintain all Amazon Guidelines