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Amazon Seller Advocacy Group NPO offers FREE CONSULTING we are the VOICE OF CYBER RETAILERS all over the world, as a non-profit organization we do not charge anything for the advice and the guidance that is offered to the business owners that contact us.

For clients that would like to work with experienced agents to reinstate their seller account we have worked out discounted specials with our volunteers for our valued clients. All of the agents that contract with us have at least 5 years of experience in consulting and they all either work or used to work for one of the major platforms.

We specialize in trademark infringements, if you have received a infringement notice from amazon in regards to brands like, Apple, Mophie, Belkin, Beats by dr. Dre or other major brands in the past few months contact us first so we can save you a lot time and effort and to guide you to get REINSTATED ASAP.

  • FREE Initial Consultation
  • Analysis of your account
  • Your Personal Care Specialist who will follow up with you regularly
  • We will provide you with advice on how to operate your business once you are reinstated in order to maintain all Amazon Guidelines
  • Business Plans online
  • Making a business Plan
  • Appeal letter to performance team
  • Creating a business plan


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